Child Only Health Insurance Plans

The health insurance landscape has changed a lot over the past year, and more people than ever can access affordable child only health insurance. This is true for individuals who get medical benefits from work, the new health insurance marketplaces, or a private plan. While many families simply include adults and kids in the same policy, this is not always the cheapest or most sensible option.

We want to help you find the best family or child only health insurance option on the market in your local area. To begin comparing health insurance for children only or adults, just enter your ZIP code in the form on this page. If you need additional help, you are always welcome to call us to speak with an experienced agent.

Child Only Health Insurance for Babies, Kids, and Teens

You might be surprised by the large percentage of children in each state who do not get covered by their parent’s group medical plan. Also, by providing you with these statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation, we can provide additional child only health insurance information for people.

Why are so few kids covered by their parent’s group health insurance? There are several reasons for this. Some companies do not extend their business plans to dependents. If they do, they might make it very expensive for children to sign up. However, in today’s society, there are also plenty of other reasons, and these include:

  • According to the US Census, over 2 million American kids are raised in their grandparent’s household, and many do not live with parents.
  • The parent responsible for buying health insurance for kids does not live in the same city as the children so that the plan network won’t extend to the child’s city.
  • Some people still can’t afford to insure the entire family, but they need teen, child, or infant health insurance to keep kids healthy and fulfill requirements for school and other activities.

Child Only Health Insurance Alternatives

Some families rely upon public medical programs. Examples are CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Medicaid. Income guidelines needed to qualify for these programs differ by state, but they are quite strict. Also, administrators for public plans might take weeks or months to approve an application, but individual child only health insurance companies may issue coverage in days.

Finally, public programs are almost always HMOs. Members have to seek medical services from network doctors with very few exceptions for emergencies. Alternatively, private health insurance companies offer many good PPOs or preferred provider organizations. With these, members save the most money by visiting network doctors, but they also retain the option to choose non-network medical providers. This flexibility attracts many people to PPO plans.

These are some good private health insurance companies that offer child-only health insurance for babies, children, and teenagers:

  • Assurant Health Insurance
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • Aetna

Choose the Best Child Only Health Insurance

Child only health insurance is usually fairly modest in price because insurers base their rates on age. Furthermore, insurers are not allowed to cherry pick any longer, so even the families of kids with pre-existing conditions can buy affordable health insurance.

Of course, the price of coverage also depends on the type of plan and how much it covers. For example, a plan deductible is the amount of money that plan members have to pay out of their pockets before insurers will begin paying bills. With many plans, these deductibles are different for prescriptions, doctor’s office visits, and other services.

Families with kids who are healthy may save money by selecting a high deductible option. This could generate more out-of-pocket expenses, but they may not be greater in cost than paying for a more comprehensive child only health insurance plan. On the other hand, kids with chronic health problems might do better with a low deductible plan. A low deductible policy might cost more but do a better job of controlling extra expenses.

Find Affordable Child Only Health Insurance

We can help you cover your kids or your entire family. The right choice of plan and insurance company may depend on your health needs, available companies with plans in your city, and budget for premiums and medical expenses. Our mission is to find you affordable child only health insurance from a top health insurance company.

You can begin comparing child only health insurance at any time by entering your ZIP code in our online quote forms. After you compare quotes and plans in your town or city, you are also welcome to call and ask to speak with an experienced health insurance agent. We offer our clients both online tools and personal service to help them find the right health insurance for children, adults, and senior citizens.