Looking for Health Insurance?

Wisconsin families who need child only health insurance have a lot of different options. Some may find affordable health insurance for babies, kids, and teenagers at work or from public plans. But others need individual or family child only health insurance in Wisoncon, and many top insurers provide this solution.

Wisconsin Children’s Health Facts

Wisconsin is a diverse state, and kids get covered in lots of different ways. It might be helpful to review some statistics for Wisconsin from theĀ Children’s Defense Fund from 2011:

  • In Wisconsin, 77,000 children lacked insurance.
  • Medicaid and CHIP covered almost 600,000 state children.
  • In Wisconsin, over 45,000 children live in grandparent-headed households.
  • Percentage of Milwaukee residents under 18: 24.9

While public health insurance provides security for many children, it is not the right answer for every family. In order to qualify, families must meet strict guidelines, and most of these plans are HMOs that limit access to doctors.

Assurant Health Insurance Offers Wisconsin Health Insurance for Children Only

You might consider Assurant for individual child only health insurance in Wisconsin because the company offers flexible and convenient PPO plans, and some of the plans even work with tax-deductible health savings accounts (HSA). Furthermore, all plans have to provide the essential benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act and offer dental and vision benefits for kids under 19.

Consider some additional features of Assurant:

  • A variety of high deductible and low deductible options should help parents and guardians find coverage that works with their budget and medical concerns.
  • Some Assurant Health Insurance options have office visits and prescription copays.
  • Preventative services are covered at 100 percent if they are accessed inside the network.

Which is the Best Health Insurance for Children Only?

There is not one best Wisconsin child only health insurance plan for every child, but you should be able to make a right decision if you compare the costs and benefits of a handful of different alternatives. Keep in mind that both premiums and plan networks differ by location, so people in Racine, Madison, Green Bay, and Kenosha may make different decisions. At Secure Health Options, we try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to find the right child only health insurance for their children and medical needs.

To make a right decision, you should start by comparing costs and benefits for free child only health insurance plans in Wisconsin. We offer free online health insurance quotes for children, adults, and senior citizens to help you get started. After you view your options, call us with your questions or to ask for help enrolling your children. Our experienced and professional agents will be happy to provide you with personal service.