Looking for Health Insurance?

With well checks, immunizations and accidents, children visit the doctor pretty frequently, which is why quality health insurance is so important. As a parent, if you get your coverage through your job but it’s just too expensive to add your child to your policy, you’re most likely looking for child only health insurance quotes in Virginia. Health care reform ushered in some sweeping changes and finding providers who are still selling child only coverage can be a challenge. At Secure Health Options, we know how to locate the coverage you need, and we can help you make an informed decision with a quality plan to fit your child’s lifestyle and your budget.

Where Did All the Child Only Policies Go?

Years ago, you could go to any number of reputable health insurance providers to secure child only coverage. You could purchase a plan that you could trust, and you didn’t have to be on the policy.  Passage of the Affordable Care Act changed that for good. The new law provides that no insurance company can deny any child in the state of Virginia under the age of 19 health insurance coverage, even with a pre-existing condition. That sounds promising, but unintended consequences made it too expensive for companies to continue offering coverage- so many have decided to stop selling child only plans.

Helping You Locate Reliable Child Only Health Insurance Coverage You Can Trust

There is some good news- there are still a few popular providers selling child only health insurance in Virginia. At Secure Health Options, we’ve been in the business of dealing with health insurance companies for many years, and we know how to find providers who can be trusted to sell you a plan that will deliver when your child needs benefits. While we don’t sell insurance directly, our reputation is based on who we recommend. That’s why we only work with the best like Assurant Health, who we know will deliver on a promise.

Navigate the World of Child Only Health Insurance in Virginia With Experts By Your Side

In today’s uncertain world, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your child’s heath and well being. Trust Secure Health Options to help you locate exactly what you need and get peace of mind and security in a trusted child only health insurance plan in Virginia you can depend on. After all, your child deserves to be protected by the best, and you deserve to have what you need to make an informed decision and the right choice in dependable health insurance.