Looking for Health Insurance?

Finding an affordable child only health insurance HMO or PPO in Minnesota can be complicated enough as it is, and it’s even trickier if you’re shopping for health insurance for children only. Luckily, here at Secure Health Options, we can help.

WhyAre You Seeking Child Only health insurance in Minnesota?

There are many reasons why parents seek Minnesota child only health insurance. For example, many deal with issues through Minnesota’s Medicaid Expansion program, such as:

  • Many parents find that their children are no longer eligible for Medicaid due to income-related limitations.
  • Unlike many other states, Minnesota does not offer presumptive eligibility. This means that your child has to wait for his or her application to be processed and approved before seeing a physician.
  • Minnesota Medicaid doesn’t offer continuous eligibility, which can lead to lapses in coverage and a lot of paperwork.
  • There might not be enough doctors in the government’s network to suit your child’s medical-related needs.
  • Your child might be subject to the four-month waiting period that is associated with the Medicaid 1115 waiver.

There are other reasons why you might want to look into Minnesota health insurance for babies and kids only as well. If you are a temporary or permanent legal guardian, have gone through a divorce recently, live in a different state than your child, can’t afford coverage for your entire family and more, a plan through Assurant Health Insurance can be a good option. 81,000 children in Minnesota are uninsured; whether you live in Duluth, Bloomington, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester or elsewhere in the state, your child needs good coverage.

How to Find a Child Only Health Insurance Plan in Minnesota

If you’re looking for the best affordable health insurance for kids only, we can help. At Secure Health Options, we are licensed to sell Assurant Health Insurance plans for children only in all 50 states. You can look for quotes online right here on our site; all you have to do is enter your ZIP code information to find out what your high deductible and low deductible options are.

You could be wondering why you should consider Assurant for child only heath insurance in Minnesota for your child, but there are many reasons. Assurant offers multiple affordable plans and has solid coverage, and you will be a part of a vast network, which means that your child can seek care from more than one million doctors and 7,600 hospitals across the nation. To find out more about these plans, enter your ZIP code and let us help you today.