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There are many reasons that Louisiana children might need their child only health insurance policy. Some common issues include the cost to put kids on a group plan at work, kids are not always raised in their parent’s household, or a divorced parent needs to provide a medical plan. Luckily, most families in Louisiana can find affordable health insurance for children only in this state. Before choosing a Louisiana child only health insurance plan, it is important to compare the costs and benefit of a few different alternatives.

Facts About Louisiana Children’s Health Care

Before considering affordable health insurance for babies in Louisiana, it might help to review some facts about health care for kids in the state. These were provided by theĀ Children’s Defense Fundin 2011:

  • In Louisiana, 131,000 children had no insurance.
  • Over 700,000 children in this state got covered by Medicaid.
  • Over 150,000 children got covered by CHIP.
  • Over 67,000 grandparents reported sole responsibility for raising children, and this includes 9,478 in New Orleans and 3,633 in Shreveport.

Children should have health insurance to make sure they stay healthy and can participate in school and other activities. Public health plans provide critical safety nets, but they are not the right Lousiana child only health insurance solution for every family. There are strict income guidelines, and the plans are usually somewhat restrictive HMOs that do not give guardians or parents a lot of choices about medical providers.

Assurant Health Insurance Offers Child Only Health INsurancein Louisiana

Obviously, different families have different budgets and medical concerns. They also live all over the state, and the available medical networks and options may be different in Metairie Terrace, Baton Rouge, or Metairie. However, Assurant Health Insurance is one company that offers a variety of different plans to meet the health needs and budgets of many people who need to insure their kids.

Consider some highlights of Assurant:

  • Assurant offers flexible PPO plans, and some of their options are even HSA compatible.
  • The company fully covers In-network preventative care at 100 percent.
  • Some Assurant child only health insurance plans in Louisiana come with doctor visits and pharmacy copays.
  • The high deductible and low deductible options allow parents and guardians the ability to control their premiums and potential out-of-pocket expenses.

To find out if Assurant or another Louisiana child only health insurance company is the best solution, you can use our free online quotes. Just enter your local ZIP code to get started. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information or for help signing up.