Looking for Health Insurance?

Many Illinois families need to purchase health insurance for children only. This could be because the child lives with a grandparent or another guardian, parents aren’t covered, or it costs too much to extend group benefits to kids. The good news is that you have many choices when you need to purchase affordable child only health insurance in this Illinois. The tricky part might be finding the right plan for your budget and medical needs.

About Illinois Child Only Health Insurance

Before comparing different medical policies, it might be helpful to glance at some facts about Illinois health care and health insurance for kids from theĀ Children’s Defense Fund:

  • Over a hundred thousand grandparents care for children, and this includes over 40,000 in Chicago and over 1,500 in Rockford.
  • In 2011, 259,000 Illinois children were uninsured.
  • In 2011, almost two million kids got covered by CHIP or Medicaid in the state.

Public plans provide an excellent safety net for many children in the Illinois, but these plans are usually very restrictive HMOs that limit the number of available doctors and other providers in some areas.

Health Insurance for Children In Illinois

If you need to buy health insurance for babies, young children, or teenagers, you might consider Assurant. This highly-rated insurer offers a variety of high deductible and low deductible plans that should suit people with many different budgets and health needs. All plans provide essential benefits required by the Affordable Care Act, and they also provide members under 19 with dental and vision benefits.

Consider some other features of Assurant Child Only Health Insurance plans in Illinois:

  • In-network preventative care is covered at 100 percent.
  • These are flexible PPO plans that allow you to choose the child’s doctors.
  • Some plans include office visit and pharmacy copays.
  • Some Assurant health insurance is HSA compatible.

Which is the Best Illinois Child Only Health Insurance?

If you are concerned about prices, why not use our free online quotes to compare premiums for options in your local area? All you need to do is enter your ZIP code to use the quote system. Keep in mind that premiums and plan networks will vary by your local area, so you may make a different choice in Naperville than you would in Joliet or Aurora. After comparing Illinois child only health insurance quotes, give us a call. Our experienced and professional agents will be happy to answer your questions and help you enroll your child in a good medical plan.