Looking for Health Insurance?

Health reform has made it easier than ever to access affordable child health only insurance in the state of Colorado. However, some parents and guardians get confused by all of their new choices. The good news is that insurers cannot turn down any applicant for child only health insurance in Colorado because of a pre-existing medical condition, plans have to include comprehensive benefits, and many families qualify for subsidies.

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Why Purchase Colorado Health Insurance for Children Only?

Before considering your options to purchase affordable child only health insurance, it might be helpful to learn about kids’ coverage in this state:

  • Percentage of Coloradans under 18 in 2012: 23.7
  • Number of Colorado children without health insurance in 2011: 155,000
  • Number of Colorado children on Medicaid in 2011: 330,000
  • Number of children in the state on CHIP in 2011: 106,643

While many Colorado children enjoy coverage under public medical insurance, these programs have strict family income requirements and waiting periods. Many middle-income families can afford to purchase health insurance for babies and children from private companies, and the application process may be quicker and simpler.

Assurant Child Only Health Insurance Options for Children

Parents and guardians might consider purchasing a health insurance marketplace plan from Assurant. Marketplace plans have to conform to health reform guidelines, and that means that they cannot turn down applicants because of pre-existing health conditions and must provide comprehensive coverage that includes immunizations and well-child visits.

Consider some highlights of Assurant Child Only Health Insurance plans:

  • Kids under 19 enjoy vision and dental benefits.
  • You can choose between high deductible and low deductible plan options to help control the cost and benefits.
  • These are PPO plans, and that means that you save the most money by staying with network providers, but you can still get covered services outside the plan’s network of providers.
  • Plans are offered in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum marketplace levels.

Which Child Only Health Insurance is Best for Your Colorado Kids

Every family has different medical needs and budget limitations. Some parents are happy to sign up for an HMO that almost always requires the use of network providers, but many prefer the flexibility to choose their doctors that a PPO provides. Besides that, a high deductible can help lower premiums, but a small deductible makes it easier to predict medical expenses no matter what happens.

We can help you compare your options if you live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Colins, Lakewood, or another Colorado town. Start shopping with our free Colorado child only health insurance quotes and call us with your questions or for assistance enrolling your kids in the right medical plan for your family.