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New health insurance rules have changed the way that many families can buy affordable health insurance for kids in Alabama. To make the right decision, compare different plans to figure out which one will help you get excellent medical services in a convenient and affordable way.

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What to Know About Alabama Health Insurance for Children Only

Kids in the state get covered by private and public programs. It might help to familiarize yourself with the general child only health insurance landscape for Alabama:

  • Percentage of Alabama kids under 18 in 2012: 23.3
  • Alabama children with no health insurance in 2011: 81,000
  • Alabama kids on Medicaid in 2011: 465,504
  • Alabama kids on CHIP in 2011: 135,545

Some local children qualify for public health insurance because of their family’s income, but these programs all have strict rules and applications take a time to process. It might be faster and easier to get private marketplace health insurance for babies and older kids. Since nobody gets denied because of pre-existing conditions, the application process is relatively easy and fast, and children can keep this coverage even if family income changes.


Assurant Child Only Health Insurance for Alabama Children

Assurant is one highly-rated company that offers marketplace plans for children, adults, and families. Methods are available in the all of the “metal” levels, nobody can get declined because of health, and in-network preventative care is covered at 100 percent.

The company also offers flexible PPO plans that help consumers save money with a network of medical providers, but they also cover out-of-network services at a lower level. With an HMO, you usually have to choose network providers to get services covered at all.

To control costs, you might make a choice between a high deductible or low deductible plan. Plans with higher deductibles should be cheaper, but lower deductibles allow you to predict your medical expenses over the course of a year even if a child should get seriously ill or injured.

The Best Alabama Child only Health Insurance For Kids

The right choice varies for each family because of a child’s health and the family’s budget. You have to consider the available network providers, premiums, and out-of-pocket costs. The location also matters, and the right choice might vary for people who live in Birmingham, Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, or another Alabama town or city.

At Secure Health Options, we make the process of comparing different Child only Health Insurance options as easy as possible with our quick online quotes and professional assistance from experienced and licensed agents.